Amplia operates as a specialized recruitment organization in several business areas and services. Our consultants – a multinational team, comprised of Portuguese, Italian and Spanish nationals – are highly trained and knowledgeable in the specificities of the area in which they operate in. We’re a partner organization of numerous multinational institutions, acting as local representatives in Portugal, Spain and Italy. Our concept establishes a cooperation method in which we uphold the same principles and values as our partner organizations, in order to find people with the right profile to fit their needs.

We’ve successfully recruited people from Portugal, Spain and Italy, placing them in various foreign countries, in three different continents: the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia and the United States of America.



  1.  Initial meeting with the client organization, in order to understand the specificity of the role and daily tasks of the employee to be, as well as the process through which the person would adjust to the institutional culture;
  2. To settle on a job description and on an ideal skills profile for the person to be recruited;
  3. To deploy various scouting strategies, classic recruiting techniques and headhunting;
  4. Initial interview with the candidates, designed to evaluate if they fit the requirements, control their references and prepare an individual report to present to the client;
  5. Final interview – between the candidate and the client – and subsequent hiring;
  6. Follow-up calls to the recruited candidate, every other week during the first few months, in order to ensure that the process is successful.



Amplia specializes in the recruitment of Healthcare Assistants, Health Technicians, Physiotherapists, Support Workers, Social Workers, Nurses, Doctors, Dentists and Medical Specialists. We’ve recruited and placed professionals in the UK, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany and the Middle East.

Our Healthcare personnel have mainly been opened doors in public and private Hospitals – all reputed institutions, some of the best in Europe and the Middle East. We also have partnerships with Nursing and Care Homes, Rehabilitation Clinics and Special Needs Schools.



Amplia has a strong presence in this industry, recruiting a wide variety of profiles, both for Front and Back of House positions: chefs, pastry chefs, waiters, bartenders, hosts, receptionists, among others.
In addition to intervening in the Portuguese and Italian markets, we also recruit for international destinations – predominantly for luxury hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants and Resorts – in Spain, Ireland, France and the United Kingdom.

Amplia is also managing the Workaway International Program in Portugal and Italy: each year, we recruit for a vast array of roles in luxury country clubs in the United States of America. See WORKAWAY INTERNATIONAL (link para o separador).



Amplia also has a strong presence in other business areas and services:

  • Engineering and IT;
  • Construction and Industry;
  • Logistics and Transportation;
  • Real Estate Management;
  • Retail;
  • Marketing;
  • Education.


As human development specialists, we design tailor-made Assessment & Development Center processes, specific to the needs of each company:

  • Considering your company’s type of business and sector;
  • Your organizational culture;
  • The skills required to perform the job.

We perfected the Assessment Center process so it can be used as a tool to guarantee a higher degree of accuracy in the recruitment and selection moments.

We also implement Development Center processes as a way of evaluating operations and, at the same time, training and building up essential soft skills for the optimal performance of your company’s staff.


We also specialize in Performance Evaluation, Rewards System, Career and Team Development. Our work is based on the formative consulting method, working towards clear and well defined goals.


Amplia has an in-house team of Training specialists, experienced in developing programs tailored to the needs of our partner organizations. We work in all settings – groups, small groups and individuals – and in various disciplines – Behavioral Sciences, Foreign Languages, Financial Management, among others.

Stages of our Training process:

  1. Initial meeting with the partner organization, in order to establish the goals of the process;
  2. Developing an understanding of the partner’s organizational culture;
  3. Training needs diagnosis (if necessary);
  4. Implementing the Training plan;
  5. Evaluating the impact of our action, considering the partner’s staff productivity.