The Workaway International Program was established as a way to seamlessly integrate Hospitality (and other) professionals in the US market. Through this program, we recruit personnel for prestigious American country clubs, presenting our candidates with an unforgettable life experience and a great step up in their careers.
Participants will have the unique opportunity of working and living in Florida’s beautiful Atlantic Coast (from Orlando to Palm Beach, and all the way South, to Miami), close to some of the country’s most iconic places. They will operate under high quality standards, for which there will be specialized training before the start of the job, ministered by Hospitality professionals of recognized world-wide merit.
The program will serve as a major advantage in the participants’ future career, since an experience in such a luxurious setting will surely make it simple to find great positions in celebrated establishments – be it in Portugal, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, or any other destination. Alternatively, anyone who wants to continue with their work experience in the US is eligible to apply to a position in another country club, further up North, in the greater New York region.
In addition, participants will embark on this journey with the ease of having every personal and job-related issue perfectly taken care of – work visa, plane tickets, transfers, accommodation, insurance and all other legal and bureaucratic aspects will be handled by Amplia; the Workaway International team will also be available for the customary follow-up and local support.

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Duration of the Workaway International Program:

  • Winter Program – 7 to 8 months, in Florida’s Atlantic Coast, mainly between Orlando and Palm Beach;
  • Summer Program – 3 to 4 months, mainly in the greater New York and Tri-State area (participation in the Winter Program compulsory).Begins in October 2019.